energy timeline

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    energy history

  • new economicly clean energy

    new economicly clean energy
    The Atomic Energy Commission tells about a cooperative agreement with industry to build a Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor on the Clinch River in Tennessee.
  • Energy policy

    Energy policy
    President Nixon establishes the Energy Policy Office. The office is responsible for formulating and coordinating energy policies at the presidential level.
  • natural gas act

    natural gas act
    President Carter signs the Emergency Natural Gas Act of 1977.
  • solar energy

    solar energy
    President Carter announces program to increase Nation's use of solar energy, including solar development bank and increased funds for solar energy research and development.
  • decontrol of crude oil

    decontrol of crude oil
    President Reagan signs Executive Order 12287, which provides for the decontrol of crude oil and refined petroleum products
  • hydroelectric project

    hydroelectric project
    The Department completes the sale of the Alaska Power Administration with the transfer of the Snettisham hydroelectric project to the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority. The Eklutna hydroelectric project was sold to three local utility users in 1997.
  • Green energy parks programs

    Green energy parks programs
    The Department of Energy and the Department of Interior launch the Green Energy Parks Program, designed to increase the use of sustainable energy technology in the nation's parks.
  • Electricty Advisory Board

    Electricty Advisory Board
    Secretary Abraham establishes the 39-member Electricity Advisory Board that is tasked with provide authoritative advice from across all segments of the electricity industry.
  • modernize electricity system

    modernize electricity system
    In his State of the Union address, President Bush urges Congress "to pass legislation to modernize our electricity system, promote conservation, and make America less dependent on foreign sources of energy."
  • Solar cells power increase

    Solar cells power increase
    The Department's Los Alamos National Laboratory announces that lab scientists have discovered that a phenomenon called carrier multiplication and the discovery increases the a higher electrical output than current solar cells.