Energy Timeline

By 8243556
  • how electricity behaves/ improves

    how electricity behaves/ improves
    Ben Franklin discovers how electricity works.
  • Period: to

    imprtant events

  • The First Vehicle

    The First Vehicle
    Nicolas Cugnot was the first to create the first moving vehicle
  • The First Battery

    The First Battery
    Alessandro Volta created the first electric battery
  • The Electric Motor

    The Electric Motor
    the first electric motor was created by Thomas Davenport.
  • Solar Radiation into Mechanical Energy

    Solar Radiation into Mechanical Energy
    Mouchout (Auguste) converted solar radiation into mechical energy
  • The First Electric light

    The First Electric light
    Thomas Edison created the first electric light.
  • The Solar Cell

    The Solar Cell
    the first solar cell was created by Charles Fritts.
  • The First Geothermal Power Plant

    The First Geothermal Power Plant
    The First geothermal power plant was built
  • The Bioelectricity

    The Bioelectricity
    The nerve cells passing signals was a form of energy discovered by Luigi Galvani.
  • The First Laser

    The First Laser
    The creation of lasers possible was created through a theory made by Albert Einstein.