energy evolution

  • Jan 1, 600

    static electricity

  • William Gilbert

  • Stephen Gray

    Stephen Gray's discovery of the conduction of electricity.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Charles Francois du Fay discovered that electricity comes in two forms which he called resinous(-)and vitreous(+). Benjamin Franklin and Ebenezer Kinnersley later renamed the two forms as positive and negative.
  • Static Charges In The Air

    Benjamin Franklin experiments with static charges in the air and theorized about the existence of an electrical fluid that could be composed of particles.
  • lightening rod

    lightening rod
    Benjamin Franklin invented the lightening rod - he demonstrated lightning was electricity.
  • energy utility

    energy utility
    First energy utility in US founded.
  • Michael Faraday

    First electric motor invented by Michael Faraday.
  • J.P. Joule

    J. P. Joule's law of electrical heating published
  • electric tansformer

    electric tansformer
    The electric transformer is invented. Thomas Edison introduces the "three-wire" transmission system