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  • Coal Mining

    Coal Mining
    Coal mining began in 1748 in Richmond, VA
  • Lightning!

    Ben Franklin discovered that lightning is electricity. This discovery led to research and development of electricity as a power source.
  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

    The industrial revolution changed the US from a labour-based economy to a machine-based economy.
  • Coal

    Coal becomes the main fuel used by railway systems.
  • Streetlamps

    Baltimore, Maryland becomes the first city to use lamps lit by gas made from coal in the United States.
  • Electric Motor

    Electric Motor
    The electric motor was created by Michael Farady
  • Oil Drilling

    Oil Drilling
    Edwin Drake successfully drills for oil in Pennsylvania.
  • Wood

    Wood is popular for heating both home and workplace alike.
  • Coal-Fired Power Station

    Coal-Fired Power Station
    The first coal burning power station was created by Thomas Edison in NYC. It supplied electricity for households.
  • Hydroelectric Plants

    Hydroelectric Plants
    The first hydroelectric power station(Wisconsin) opens. It derived electricity from running water.
  • Windmill

    The first windmill used for power rather than milling was built by Danish inventor Poul La Cour.
  • The Car!

    The first car (The Model T) was created by Henry Ford. It ran on either gasoline or ethanol.
  • Liquified Gas Plant

    The first liquified gas plant opens in West Virginia.
  • Refrigerator

    Invention of the first electric refrigerator.
  • Petroleum Refinery

    The first petroleum refinery is founded by Shell in California.
  • Oil

    Because cars were so popular, oil becomes the most-used source of energy.
  • Nuclear Power Plant

    The first nuclear power plant goes into effect in Pennsylvania. It creates power by splitting atoms of uranium.