End of WWII in Europe Adam and Jen

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  • Major battles

    Battle of Berlin: January 12
    Red Army (Russia) takes over Berlin Dresden Bombing: Feb. 13-15
    American and British attack on Dresden in Germany
    Seelow Heights: April 16-19
    Russia attacks "Gates of Berlin" BAttle of the Oder-Neisse
    Jan 1 - May 9
    The Battle of the Oder–Neisse is the German name for the initial (operational) phase of one of the last two strategic offensives conducted by the Red Army
  • Liberation of concentration camps

    Auschwitz: January 27 1945
    liberated by Russia - Russia was taking over
    German guards were ordered to destroy gas chambers and crematoria
    Bergen Belsen: April 15 1945
    liberated by UK and Canada
    Flossenburg: April 23 1945
    liberated by US
  • Yalta Conference

    to discuss Europe’s post-war reorganization (reestablishment of nations in Europe)
    Feb. 4-11
    US: FDR
    UK: Winston Churchill
    Russia: Joseph Stalin
  • Death of Axis leaders

    Adolf Hitler: gunshot suicide with cyanide
    April 30, 1945
    Fuhrerbunker (air-raid shelter) which he barely left
    wife used cyanide to kill herself as well
    1941: Germans invade russia (Hitler thinking of taking over Moscow), but in 1944, Russians completely invaded Germany
    Germany would fall apart, so Hitler killed himself
    Benito Mussolini: executed by anti-fascists (anti dictatorship )
    April 28, 1945
    in Giulino di Mezzegra (northern Italy)
    shot by Walter Audisio
  • Final German Surrender

    Signed the unconditional surrender in Reims, France
    Germany surrendered all troops
    Germany only wanted to surrender troops fighting the western allies, but had to meet Dwight Eisenhowers demands to surrender all of their troops
  • Berlin Declaration

    US, UK, Russia, France must respect Germany (gave Germany all power)
    US: Eisenhower
    UK: Bernard Montgomery
    Russia: Georgy Zhukov
    France: Jean de Lattre de Tassigny
  • Postdam Conderence

    In cecilienhof palace in Potsdam, Germany
    July 17, 2045-August 2, 1945
    Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and U.S. President Harry Truman
    Conference to negotiate how to end the war, germany surrendered in may 1945
    Determine post war borders in Europe
    Determine how to handle and punishments for Germany
  • Treaty to end war with Gernmany

    Paris peace treaties were signed on February 10, 1947
    Paris peace conference was held from July 29th- October 15th 1946
    Treaty included war reparations, border changes, military changes, and political changes
    Italy lose their colonies in Africa