Enabling Act

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  • Amos Kendall

    Amos Kendall
    Amos would play a key role for the deaf. His background talks about how he rose to prominence as editor in chief of the Argus of Western America an influential newspaper in Frankfort. He used his newspaper, writing skills, and extensive political contacts to build the Democratic Party into a national political power.
  • The Columbia Institution for the Instruction Of the Deaf and the Dumb and the blind

    The Columbia Institution for the Instruction Of the Deaf and the Dumb and the blind
    In 1856, Amos Kendall who was an American journalist, lawyer, and a politician, he donated two acres of his estate so he could establish a school and housing for 12 deaf and 6 blind people.
  • H.R. 806

    H.R. 806
    The Congress passed the legislation H.R. 806 giving the Kendall School a character as the Columbia Institution for the Education of the deaf, dumb, and blind.
  • Enabling Act

    The Enabling Act is signed by President Abraham Lincoln and Gallaudet College Opens. Abraham Lincoln signs the charter for the Washington, D.C.- a based college for the deaf. Originally
    it was known as the National College for the Deaf and Dumb, it is the only accredited facility for the Deaf in the United States to offer college degrees. Today, Gallaudet remains a leader in higher education for the Deaf.
  • National Deaf Mute College

    National Deaf Mute College
    People thought that the blind and deaf weren't getting to many opportunities, and that they need more opportunities and that they are more capable of taking care of themselves and living life. Kendall was first against the idea, but he would be persuaded to transfer the Columbia institution to the National Deaf Mute College.
  • Lincoln

    At Lincoln's memorial he shows sign language by representing his initials with his left hand shaped as an A and his right hand shaped as an they did this, to pay tribute to Lincoln for signing the federal legislation and giving Gallaudet University the authority to grant college degrees.
  • Gallaudet University

    Gallaudet University
    This was the first college for the deaf to at least offer an education. The actions in Congress, later on the institution would be changed to Gallaudet University in honor of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.
  • First legally deaf football player

    First legally deaf football player
    Seattle Seahawks player Derrick Coleman made history by becoming the NFL's first legally deaf offensive player, but his journey to success was anything but easy. Coleman was not born deaf, but his would deteriorate over time he was about three years old. He is still currently playing in the NFL today, for the Atlanta Falcons