By thepper
  • HIllary Davis was born.

  • Joey Davis was born.

  • First Breathing Episode

    wheezing and clutching his chest.
  • *Andy's wife dies.*

    Lee Davis dies in a freak car accident leaving behind two young children, Hillary and Joey.
  • *Andy Took Joey to the doctor for the first time*

    Doctor said if the breathing problems continued, he should take Joey to a specialist.
  • Andy lost his job at the super market

    Since then he has gone from one temp job to another.
  • * Andy had to stop Joey from chewing his mom's Mardi Gras beads*

  • Andy went online and bought a box of Princess Beads.

  • The Last Episode

    Joey had his last episode on Hillary's 10th birthday.
  • Andy gives Hillary the Princess Beads on her 10th birthday.

  • Told Brett Miller about the precaution to not have Joey play with the beads

  • The one day all the beads were left everywhere.

  • The day Brett stopped babysitting for the Davis'

  • The Faitful day.

    -was a rare day had the day off
    -had an interview
    -bret came over at 10:00
    -Joey had a little cold, just sniffles and a runny nose
    -told Brett Joey was teething lately
    -left apartment at 11:00
    -interview at noon
    -at 1:00 noticed 5 missed calls from Brett
    -Brett left a message at 12:25 pm
    -went to the hospital at 1:30
    -Joey got their at 12:30
  • Joey was pronounced dead

    At 2:00 pm