Eminem's early life

  • in October 17 1972 Marshall Mathers the 3rd was born

    Born in St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Durng Childhood

    Eminem never stayed in a house longer than 1 year, moving back and forth between Detroit, Michigan and Missouri. Eminem originally wanted to be a comic book artist but listened to Ice-T's Reckless he instanlty got hooked at age 9. Eminem dealed with a lot of bullying and suffered from many injuries including a head injury that still effects him today. After spending 3 years in nineth grade Marshall dropped out.
  • During High School and soon after

    Marshall Mathers and his friends Proof, Mike Ruby adn others used to go to the other schools and have freestyle rap battles. they attended open mic nights at the HIp Hop Shop on Saturdays. After a while of that he eventually gained the appoval of many audiences in a black industry. He joined many rap groups before joining D12 with Proof and others. He realeased his first album, Infinite, using a independent record company.