By egaines
  • A star is Born

    Em is born in oct. 17, 1972
  • No dad

    No dad
    Em's Dad leaves the family when he is 18 months
  • Bad Kid

    Repeated ninth grade 3 times due to truancy and bad grades
  • the start of a career

    the start of a career
    He started rapping as a teen in the late eighties
  • Infinite

    Infinite is created in 1996
  • Albums

    Eminem later released Slim Shady lp, Marshall Mathers lp, Encore, and curtain call over a five year tim span
  • Rehab

    In 2009, Eminem cancels his tour for his new album Relapse to check himself into rehab regarding his addiction to sleep medication
  • death of proof

    death of proof
    In 2006 Proof is killed