Emily Dickinson's life

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  • Dickinson's house

    Samuel Fowler Dickinson built the first brick house in Amherst. It was Dickinson' house on Main Street, which was very expensive and showed off family's success. Although, he had to sell it to relatives, eventually getting it back.
  • Emily Dickinson's father getting the house

    Edward Dickinson bought half of the house from Samuel Fowler Dickinson.
  • Birth

    Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts.
  • House foreclosure

    Half of the house that was owned by Samuel Dickinson got foreclosed by David Mack. Making Edward's family feel very uncomfortable and crowded in the half of the house the owned.
  • Dickinson's house getting sold

    Edward Dickinson sold his half of the house to David Mack. Dickinson family moved to nearby house which was less luxurious.
  • Period: to

    Amherst Academy

    Emily Dickinson attended Amherst Academy before boarding at the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary.
  • Letter to Susan Guilbert

    Emily Dickinson wrote a letter to her friend Gilbert, in which she described her fear of marriage.
  • Reverend Charles Wadsworth

    Emily Dickinson met Wadsworth in Philadelphia and became involved with him.
  • Dickinson's homestead

    By the time Emily Dickinson was twenty-five, Dickinson family was able to buy the entire Homestead back.
  • Dickinson moving back into the Homestead

    Dickinson family moved back to their luxurious house. Emily described it as a "catastrophe." Some speculate that it was due to her mother getting sick.
  • Manuscript books

    Emily Dickinson Started making manuscript books. Which were recognized and edited by R.W. Franklin in 1981.
  • Wadsworth's visit

    Reverend Charles Wadsworth visited Emily Dickinson in Amherst.
  • Eye pain

    Emily Dickinson started suffering from eye pain, which haunted her for years to come.
  • Wadsworth's move

    Wadsworth moved to San Francisco, which upset Dickinson. Their relationship stopped.
  • Thomas Wentworth Higginson

    After Higginson printed "Letter to a Yong Contributor," Emily Dickinson became interested in him. She sent him four poems.
  • Cover letter to Higginson

    After Dickinson sent four poems to Higginson with no reply, she sent him a cover letter. In the letter she asked him if he was too busy to review her poems.
  • Higginson's invite

    Thomas Higginson invited Emily Dickinson to visit him in Boston. She refused.
  • Higginson's visit

    Thomas Higginson visited Dickinson himself, after she refused to go visit him.
  • Edward's death

    Edward Dickinson (Emily's father) died in a Boston hotel.
  • Death

    Emily Dickinson died.