Elvis Presley's Career 1955-1959

  • RCA

    Elvis signs his first contract with RCA Records
  • Period: to

    Elvis Presley

  • Heartbreak Hotel

    Heartbreak Hotel
    Elvis starts recording his first record “Heartbreak Hotel”
  • The Stage Show

    The Stage Show
    Elvis’ first appearance on The Stage Show, broadcasted by CBS Studio
  • And awwwaaay we go!

    And awwwaaay we go!
    RCA ships out Elvis’ first album
  • Going for the Gold

    Going for the Gold
    Elvis gets a gold record for “Heartbreak Hotel”
  • You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog

    You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog
    Elvis performs "Hound Dog" (Forrest Gump scene)Elvis performs for the second time on The Milton Berle Show. He sings “Hound Dog.” His 'sexy' moves drive the crowd wild in one of his most controversial performances. The press and adult viewers are shocked, but his teen fans were even crazier for him.
  • "Hound Dog" (no, really!)

    "Hound Dog" (no, really!)
    Hound DogElvis performs on The Steve Allan Show and sings “Hound Dog” to a real basset hound.
  • Ed Sullivan

    Ed Sullivan
    Elvis appears on Ed Sullivan’s Toast of the Town for the first time
  • Concerts

    Elvis performs two shows at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show in Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Love Me Tender

    Love Me Tender
    Elvis’ first movie, Love Me Tender, premieres at the Paramount Theatre in NYC
  • They wanted him back??

    They wanted him back??
    Waist up.Elvis appears for a final time on Ed Sullivan’s show. He is only shown from the waist up
  • Walking In Memphis

    Walking In Memphis
    Elvis purchases Graceland Mansion for $102,500 in Memphis
  • Loving You

    Loving You
    Elvis' second film "Loving You" is released by Paramount Pictures.
  • "Everybody in the whole cell block was dancin' to the jailhouse rock"

    "Everybody in the whole cell block was dancin' to the jailhouse rock"
    Jailhouse rock dance scene
    Jailhouse Rock, Elvis’ third movie, is released.
  • Drafted

    Elvis received a letter from the Memphis Draft Board notifying him that he was up for the next military draft. Army, Navy, and Air Force recruiters immediately called to offer him special enlistment opportunities if he signed up before being drafted. He declined, choosing rather to be a regualr soldier, no special treatment.
  • Black Monday

    Black Monday
    Elvis is reported for his induction into the US military, known as 'Black Monday" by his fans
  • The King

    The King
    Elvis’ fourth movie is released entitled 'King Creole '
  • Sailing Away

    Sailing Away
    Elvis is shipped out on the USS Randall to serve 18 months of active military duty in Germany.