Elvis Presley

  • Birth

    Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.
  • First guitar

    First guitar
    Elvis buys his first guitar on his 11th birthday from the Tupelp Harware Store.
  • Graduates from High School

    Graduates from High School
    After moving to Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis graduates from Humes High School on June 3, 1953.
  • First demo

    First demo
    Elvis makes his first demo at the Sam Phillips' Sun studio.
  • First professional appearance

    First professional appearance
    Elvis Presleyʻs first professional appearance was on July 17, 1954, at the Overton Park Shell in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Elvis signed his first contract

    Elvis signed his first contract
    November 20, 1955, Elvis signs his frist contract with RCA Records.
  • "Heartbreak Hotel"

    "Heartbreak Hotel"
    RCA releases Elvis's first hit single "Heartbreak Hotel". It sells over 1 million copies.
  • First movie

    First movie
    His first movie "Love Me Tender" come out on November 15, 1956.
  • Graceland

    In 1957, Elvis buys his world famous mansion, Graceland. It has 8 bedroooms and bathrooms and cost about $90,000.
  • Christmas album

    Christmas album
    Elvis releases his christmas album, which is his fourth album for RCA Records.
  • Joins the army

    Joins the army
    Elvis Presley was drafted into the United States Army in 1958, during the height of his career.
  • New movie

    New movie
    Elvis leaves the army and starts filming and recording his new movie "GI Blues" for Paramount.
  • Marriage

    On May 1, 1967, Elvis gets married to Priscilla Beaulieu in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • A daughter is born

    A daughter is born
    Elvis and Priscilla Presley have their first daughter Lisa Marie, who was born on February 1, 1968
  • Appearence on NBC

    Appearence on NBC
    Elvis appeared on NBC in 1968. This was widley known as "The '68 Comeback Special.
  • Hawaii

    Elvis' concert in Hawaii was watched by more than 1 billion people in 40 different countries.
  • Divorce

    Elvis and Priscilla Presley get a divorce on October 9, 1973
  • Hospitalized

    Elvis is hospitalized in Memphis, for health issues, including his addiciton for presciption drugs.
  • Last Performence

    Last Performence
    Elvis performs his last concert in Indianapolis.
  • Death

    Elvis presley dies at the age of 42 in Graceland. His fiancee, Ginger Alden, found him on the bathroom floor.