Eleanor Roosevelt- Susana

Timeline created by Susanamejia
  • Eleanor Roosevelt is born

    She is born to Elliott Roosevelt and Anna Roosevelt.
  • Elliott is born

    Eleanor's brother, Elliott, is born on September.
  • Eleanor's father leave

    Eleanor's father leaves to live in Virgina in attempt to deal his drinking problems.
  • Hall Roosevelt is born

    Hall , Eleanor's brother was born when she was seven.
  • Anna Hall Roosevelt die

    Anna Hall Roosevelt, Eleanor's mother dies because she became ill.
  • Eleanor's brother , Elliott, die

    After Eleanor's mother die, Elliot die because of diphtheria.
  • Eleanor and Hall go to Manhattan

    The brothers go to Manhattan to live with their grandmother.
  • Elliott Roosevelt, Eleanor's father, die

    Eleanor's father die when she was ten.
  • Eleanor was sent to a boarding school.

  • Eleanor leave Allenswood

  • Eleanor starts working with poor children

    When Eleanor leaves Allenswood, she starts working with poor children in New York
  • Eleanor fall in love

    She fell in love with Franklin Delano
  • Eleanor agreed to marry Franklin

    It was the autumn of 1903 when Eleanor agreed to marry Franklin
  • Eleanor gets married with Franklin.

    She gets married with Franklin Delano
  • Eleanor's first child was born

    Eleanor's and Franklins first child was born
  • Elan

  • Period: to

    Franklins mother took all the decisions of the marriage

    At the begging of the marriage . Franklins mother took all the decisions
  • Period: to

    Eleanor gave birth to five more babies

    After the first baby was born, Eleanor give birth to five more child's