El Santo (El Enmascarado de Plata)

  • Rodolfo is born

    Rodolfo is born
    Rodolfo guzman (El santo) was born in Tulancingo in the state of Hidalgo mexico in september,23 of 1917.
  • The beginnig of a lifetime

    The beginnig of a lifetime
    Then he and his family moved in to the City of Mexico and settled in the tepico neighbourhood, there he became intrested in wrestling and biggan practicin ju-jitso.
  • His first battle

    His first battle
    The first battle of el santo was in the peralvillo arena in cozumel in June, 28 of 1934
  • Rodolfo's family

    Rodolfo's family
    In the early 1940s Rodolfo guzman (El santo) got married with maria de los angeles and had 10 kids, his youngest son gorge would bbecome nown as el hijo del santo.
  • El santo is born

    El santo is born
    In 1942 El santo's manager (Don jesus lomeli) was putting together a team of wrestlers and he wanet him to be in it, his manager suggested three names El santo, El diablo, or El angel. He shose the first one and in june 26 he wrestled for the first time as El santo.
  • El santo's greatest battle

    El santo's greatest battle
    In 1952 El santo fought the tag team nown as los hermano's shadow it consisted of Black shadow and Blue demon, in this macth El santo deafeted black shadow and gained his best trophy his mask.
  • The wrestler actor

    The wrestler actor
    In 1958 El santo makes his first movie El santo contra el serebro del mal (El santo vs the brain of evil).
  • The last match

    The last match
    On september, 12 of 1982 El santo teamed up with Gory guerrero,Huracan ramirez, and El solitario to greate La pareja atomica. There opponents included perro aguayo, El signo, Negro navarro and El texano. After this El santo retired from wrestling.
  • The mask off

    The mask off
    In january, 26 of 1984 Rodolfo guzman was a guest to the show contrapunto when he removed his mask in public for the first time in his career.
  • El santo`s dead

    El santo`s dead
    Rodolfo guzman diad in february, 5 of 1984, he died during a stage show just one week after showing his face in public, his funeral was probably the biggest in mexican history.