El Porfiriato

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  • El Porfiriato

    El Porfiriato
    1877, Porfirio Diaz President of the Republic
  • The telephone in Mexico

    The telephone in Mexico
    1878, telephone service is established in Mexico
  • Electricity plant

    Electricity plant
    1879, the first electricity plant is installed in Mexico
  • National Bank of Mexico

    National Bank of Mexico
    1881, the National Bank of Mexico is established
  • A dictatorship

    A dictatorship
    1885, the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz is consolidated;
  • The debt

    The debt
    1890, the last payment of the debt with the United States is paid
  • anti-relection

    1909, anti-relectionist movement is created
  • End of an era

    End of an era
    1911, Diaz is ousted.
  • Period: to


    1892, 1896 and 1904 Diaz is re-elected