eisenhower al

Timeline created by amanda lease
  • mother born

    mother born
    born in mount Sydney, Virginia
    ida Elizabeth doud
  • father born

    father born
    elizabethville, pennsylvania
    david jacob eisenhower
  • birth

    Denison, Texas
    dwight d. eisenhower
    ~3 other siblings
    ~middle child
  • wife born

    wife born
    ~born in Boone, IA
    ~1:00 pm
    ~ marie "mamie" geneva doud
  • gradate high school

    gradate high school
    Abilene high school
  • us military

    us military
    ~entered college at the us military academy
  • college

    ~graduated college june 12, 1915
    ~went to college at United states military academy, west point new york
  • leaving college for army

    leaving college for army
    after 4 years of being in college he left to go to the army and be a general
    ~became a general/officer
  • marriage

    ~married his wife, Marie Geneva Doud
    ~ Denver Colorado
  • first child

    first child
    ~Dwight Doud Eisenhower
    ~born in texas
  • child death

    child death
    ~scarlet fever
    ~3 years old
    ~devastated parents but that encouraged them to have another child
  • second child

    second child
    ~john sheldon doud eisenhower
    ~born in colorado
  • father's death

    father's death
    passed away when he was 78 in Abilene, Dickinson County, Kansas, USA
  • mother's death

    mother's death
    passed away at the age of 84, died in Abilene, Dickinson County, Kansas, USA
  • son married 2nd

    son married 2nd
    ~barbara jean thompson
  • retired army

    retired army
    ~retired from active duty in the army
    ~years of service
    ~army officer, general, fighter
  • elected

    ~elected president
    ~34th president
    ~time began at noon
  • became president

    became president
    ~ended January 20, 1961
  • speech

    ~chance for peace
    ~ speaks about increasing military spending helping with families and supplies
  • refugee relief act

    refugee relief act
    signed the refugee relief act to admit 240,000+ more immigrants than permitted under existing immigration quotas
  • atoms for speech

    atoms for speech
    Eisenhower gives his “Atoms for Peace” speech to the U.N. General Assembly in New York, addressing growing international awareness of and potential peaceful uses for atomic energy.
  • signing of wiley-dander seaway act

    signing of wiley-dander seaway act
    Eisenhower signs the Wiley-Dander Seaway Act, creating jointly with Canada the St. Lawrence Seaway, a canal, lock and river system which allows for water travel from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes along the St. Lawrence river.
  • meeting

    Eisenhower meets with Secretary of State John Dulles and Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson to discuss a resolution that would authorize the U.S. defense of Taiwan and the Pescadores. Congress approves the resolution on January 28.
  • bomb announcment

    bomb announcment
    Eisenhower announces that the United States would use atomic weapons in the event of war with Communist China.
  • re election

    re election
    eisenhower runs for president again and beat the same person that he did last time
  • leaving

    left office and then became a writer until his time was up
    ~later had a statue made for him
  • death

    cause was congestive heart failure, 78 years old, Washington d.c., burial place in Abilene, kansas
  • wife death

    wife death
    died during her sleep
    unknown cause of death
  • heartattack

    during his time in presidency he has a heartattack and has to be in the hospital for about 7 weeks
  • second child death

    second child death
    ~dies of old age
    ~buried in west point