Edward Tulane's Timeline

  • Edward lived whith Abilene.

    Edward is a rabbit stufie.He is very vain.
  • Edward is on a trip on a ship.

    Edward is on Queen Mary(a ship).
  • Edward thrown over bord.

    Edwar was thrown over bord by nasty boys!
  • Edward was living on the ocean floor for 297 days.

  • His name was changed to susana.

  • Fisherman found him.

    A fisherman found edward and gave him to his wife.
  • dater loly is coming to town.

  • Loly took Edward to the dump.

  • A dog named lucy found him.

  • Edward found LOVE.

  • Laddy named edward Clide.

  • A boy found Edwared,and gave him to his sister.

  • Sister named Edward jangals.

    Sister named Edward jangals.
  • Edward got kicked off a trian.

  • Sister of boy died.

  • His head shaderd.

  • he had a ndream that he went to heven.

    he had a ndream that he went to heven.
  • Fixed by Lucius.

    Fixed by Lucius.
  • Edward poloped on shelf.

  • 100-year old doll convinsed him to love.

  • 5-year old girl picked him up,and Abileen is her mom.