Edward Stack

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  • Dick's Sporting Goods

    Dick's Sporting Goods
    Dick's Sporting goods was founded in 1948 by Edwards father. The store consisted of fishing equipment and basic sporting goods.
  • Born

    Edward Stack was born in Binghamton, New York. He was the 2nd child born into the family.
  • 1972

    Edward and his siblings started working at their fathers store. All of them worked there throughout high school.
  • Education

    Edward played baseball and football at Binghamton North High School. He then went on to college and got his Bachelor of Arts and Science degree from St. John Fisher College.
  • CEO

    Edward Stack bought Dick's Sporting goods from his father in 1984. He and his siblings split up the ownership equally.
  • Expansion

    In the early 90's Edward began a massive expansion. He built 20 more stores.
  • Headquarters

    In 1994 Edward moved the company headquarters to Pittsburgh. He moved to get easier access to air fields.
  • Stock

    In 2002 Edward Stack decided to take Dick's public. He is the largest share holder in the company.
  • Guns

    In 2012 all Dick's Sporting Goods stores removed assault rifles from their stores. The decision was made by Edward to try and make a point about the school shooting issues.
  • Southern Tiers

    Southern Tiers
    In August of 2018 Edward Stack banned all guns from 125 of his stores. He removed them due to slumping sales.