Edgar Allen Poe's Timeline

  • Edgar Allen Poe is born

    On this day, Edgar Allen Poe was born to David Poe, Jr and Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins.
  • Period: to

    Edgar Allen Poe's Life

    From his birth to his death, Edgar Allen Poe was a disturbed man. In this timeline we will go over how he began writing with his interest in mystery and macbre in hand.
  • Poe's sister, Rosalie, is born.

    Poe's sister, Rosalie, is born to David Poe, Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins, with siblings Edgar Allen Poe and William Henry Leonard Poe.
  • Poe's parents die

    Poe's mother dies from tubercolosis and Poe's father leaves, rending Poe, his sister and brother orphans.
  • Poe writes his first poem.

    Edgar Allen Poe writes his first poem.
  • Poe enlists in the US Army and shortly after his first book is published.

    Unable to support himself, Poe signs up for the Army, who paid him 5 dollars a month. He was later promoted to a salary of 10 dollars a month. His first book, Tamerlane and Other Poems, was published soon after he joined the Army.
  • William Henry Leonard Poe dies.

    The eldest sibling William dies, part of the cause from alcoholism
  • Poe marries his cousin.

    Poe marries Virginia Clemm, his first cousin, who was 13 at the time. This marriage lasted until Virginia's death at age 24, dying from tubercolosis.
  • Poe writes his first novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.

    Poe's first novel was written.
  • Poe's story collection is published.

    Poe's story collection, Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, is published in two volumes.
  • The Raven is published.

    One of Poe's most famous literary works, The Raven, is published.
  • Virginia dies.

    Virginia dies of tuberculosis at the Bronx in Poe's home.
  • Edgar Allen Poe dies.

    No one knows exactly how Poe died, but there are many speculations that it was rabies, tuburculosis, and other diseases that killed him at age 40.