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Edgar Allan Poe

By 73369
  • Birth

    On January 19, 1809 Edgar Allan Poe was born. His parents were both actors named David and Elizbeth Poe. He had thwo siblings an older brother named Henry and a younger sister named Rosalie.
  • Parent's Death

    On Decenber 8, 1811 when Edgar Poe was two years old his mother died of tuberculosisin Richmond, Virginia. A few days later his father David Poe also died of tuberculosis and the three kids don't have any parents. Henry goes to live with his grandparents while Edgar and Rosalie were both adopted by two diffrent families.
  • School in England

    The family that had adopted Edgar sail to london where Edgar is enrolled in a school.
  • Poem

    Four years after coming back to America Edgar Allan Poe is fifteen years old. He writes his first poem "Last night, with many cares & toils oppres'd,/ Weary, I laid me on a couch to rest."
  • College

    Edgar Allan Poe enrolls to the University of Virginia. But is later expelled for not paying his depts.
  • Splits from foster family

    After not being able to pay his $2,000 dept Poe seeks help from John Allan. But when he refuses Poe leaves his foster family and moves to Baltimore to join his relative there.
  • Soldier and Author

    Poe joins the U.S. army under the name "Edgar A. Perry". Then a few days later he publishes his first book "Tamerlane and Other Poems".
  • Death of a foster mother

    On February 28, 1829 Edgar's foster mother Frances Allan dies in Richmond, Virginia.
  • West Point Academy

    Poe is apponted to the U.S Military Academy after becoming a sergeant major.
  • Henry's Death

    Poe's older brother Henry dies at the age of 27.
  • First Job

    Poe gets a job as an editor for "Southern Literary Messenger" magazine.
  • Marriage

    At the age of 27 Poe marries his 13 year old cousin Virginia in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Novel

    Poe's first novel "The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym" is published.
  • Editor

    Poe is hired as an editor for "Burton's Gentleman's Magazine"
  • Jobless

    Poe leaves his job as an editor for Burton's Gentleman's Magazine and also publishes Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque in two volumes.
  • Editor

    Poe gets a job as an editor for Graham's Magazine and it publishes Poe's short story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" which became the first detective story.
  • The Raven

    Poe's poem "The Raven" is published.
  • Broadway Journal

    Poe became an editor for the Broadway Journal
  • Owner

    Poe becomes the owner of the Broadway Journal. But a few months later closed down due to all the depts.
  • Death of Virginia

    Poe's wife Virginia died of tuberculosis. Poe was depressed but soon came back to health as the year went on.
  • Engage

    Poe proposed to Sarah Helen Whitman who agrees if only Poe stops drinking. A month later the wedding was off.
  • Engaged

    Poe proposes to his childhood sweetheart Elmira Royster Shelton. She agrees and Poe went a joined the Sons of Temperance to stop drinking.
  • Death

    Poe is found unconscious in Baltimore and was taken to the hospital. He was later pronounced dead of causes unknown.