Edgar Allan Poe

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  • Edgar Allan Poe Was Born

    Edgar Allan Poe Was Born
    He was a orphaned at the age of two, and then adopted by a man named John Allan whom he never grew to love.
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    Poe's Life

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  • His Sister Was Born

    His Sister Was Born
    Poe's sister Rosalie is born. Shortly after his birth, or possibly even before it, David Poe deserts the family, leaving Poe's mother alone with three children.
  • Poe's Parents Die

    Poe's Parents Die
    Elizabeth Arnold Poe dies of tuberculosis in Richmond, Virginia. Within days, David Poe also dies of tuberculosis. With no parents to take care of them, the three children of the family are split up.
    It did effect him because he tried to write his father and he did not care about him any more so he was like iam not going to write you back
  • First Poem

    First Poem
    A fifteen-year-old Edgar Allan Poe pens his first known poem: "Last night,
  • Became A Solider

    Became A Solider
    In 1827, Poe enlisted in the U.S. Army under the name "Edgar A. Perry.
  • Foster Mother Die

    Poe's foster mother, Frances Allan, with whom he was still close, dies in Richmond. This all so effected him because she had raised him when he was a little boy and he loved her.
  • Poe Is Know For Short Story

    Poe Is Know For Short Story
    In April 1829, he had published his second book of poetry, Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems..
    For all of his problems, in the course of his relatively short life "Poe revitalized American literature, producing perfectly crafted stories and poems while creating whole new genres (we have Poe to thank for the detective story, for example)" (Shmoop).
  • Brother Died

    Brother Died
    Edgar's older brother Henry dies of either tuberculosis or cholera at the age of 27.
  • Poe Got Marriage

    Poe Got Marriage
    Poe now 27 years old marries his thirteen-year-old cousin, Virginia Clemm,
  • When Edgar Wrote The Raven

    When Edgar Wrote The Raven
    Edgar Allan Poe first published his finished poem on first published in January 1845. It was an american hit people called it musicality, stylized language and supernatural.
  • Wife Dies

    Wife Dies
    "Poe's wife Virginia dies of tuberculosis at their home in the Bronx. Poe has been so despondent during the final months of her illness that friends thought he was going insane. When Edgar's wife died that sure affected his work on his short stories and poems because he loved her" (Shmoop).
  • Allan Poe Died

    Allan Poe Died
    He died penniless at the age of 40 after being found disheveled and unconscious in a Baltimore gutter.