Early American History

  • Oct 9, 1020

    Lief Ericson

    Lief Ericson was the first European to Discover America
  • Apr 24, 1024


  • Oct 12, 1492

    Chrisopher Colombus

    Christopher Colombus came to America
  • George Washington born

    Gorge Washington grows up and become's the comander and chief and the first president of the United States
  • Benedict Arnold

  • Betsy Ross born

  • Boston Tea Party

    200 masked men raided the ships and destroyed the tea
  • Paul Revere's ride

    Paul Revere told people the British were coming.
  • Revolutionary War start

  • Valley Forge

    Gorge Washingtons army came to Valley Forge
  • Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown

  • Revolutinary War end

    America beat the British
  • George Washington death

    George Washington died of throat infection
  • Benedict Arnold death

    he died of dropsy
  • Betsy Ross death

    Betsy Ross died of old age
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