Dred Scott Case By AH

  • 1795-1800

    Dred Scott was born a slave in Virgina between 1795-1800
  • Period: to

    Dred Scott

  • 1810

    Grew up with his mother.
  • 1830

    He was taken from his home to Missouri purchased by an Army Major John Emerson Stationed outside St. Louis
  • 1836

    Emerson let him marry which slaves were not allowed to have outside contact.
  • 1837

    In 1837 the army ordered Emerson to Jefferson Barracks Military Post. Which he left Scott & Scott’s wife behind. Soon after Scott was reassingned to to Fort Jessup, Louisana.
  • 1853

    Which Emersons wife had lived. There she sold him out after her husbands death. In 1853 he tried to sue in the federal supreme court.
  • 1856

    Then the Supreme Courts Decision was handed down on March 6, 1857 the Court first had to decide whether it had jurisdiction.