• Birth

    Aubrey Drake Grahman also known as Drake was born October 24,1986 in Toronto Canada.
  • Period: to

    Drake's life story

  • Up Bringing

    At age 5 drakes father and mother divorced. Left with only his mom he was raised in a jewish neighborhood.
  • Becoming a "man"

    Since Drake was raied in a Jewish religion he had a Bar Mitzvah at 13 years old
  • Acting career

    Most people view Drake as just a rapper. Little do they know he started off with a acting career, palying a wheel chair bound basketball player in Degrassi.
  • Awarded for Degrassi

    In 2002 Drake was given a " Young Artist" award based off of his role in Degrassi
  • The start of his music

    In 2006 Drake began taking more of an intrest in music and started writting songs .
  • The musical career takes off

    In 2009 Drake got signed to Young Money and became popular with the 3 songs " Every Girl", "Best I Ever Had" , and "Money to Blow"
  • Albums

    In 2010 Drakes album "Take Care" was produced.