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  • New assignment for Jonathan Harker

    His boss orders him to travel to Transylvania to complete business with Count Dracula, who is buying property in London.
  • Mina pays a visit

    After her fiancé, Jonathan Harker, went abroad, Mina Murray visits her old friend Lucy.
  • Harker arrives at Count Dracula's castle

    Harker arrives at Count Dracula's castle to attend to his business in London
  • Doctor Seward is attacked

    Doctor Seward is attacked
    Dr. Seward is responsible for the treatment of the teacher and preessor of the young Harker
  • Harker's suspicion

    The young clerk begins to suspect that the strange Count has taken him prisoner.
  • Strange behavior

    Jonathan realizes that the Hitanos in charge of Dracula are extracting land from the bowels of the castle, this intrigues him
  • Navigation diary

    The sailors begin to believe that they are not going alone, and that Count Dracula's boxes with earth, hide some creature, due to all the strange events they experience
  • Mina meets a prince

    One afternoon walking through London, she meets a prince who does not give her confidence.
  • Mina travels to Romania to marry Jonathan

    Jonathan who was in a convent asks Mina to travel to Romania to consolidate her marriage
  • Dracula seduces Mina

    The past life that Dracula and Mina shared becomes quite perceivable, as Dracula is gradually able to seduce the young woman.