Dracula. bram stoker

Dracula. Bram Stoker

  • 1401

    Dracula as ruler

    Dracula as ruler
    Dracula was the ruler of a country called Transylvania in the 15th century
  • 1462


    Constantinople had fallen, the Muslim Turks attacked Romania threatening Christianity.
  • Letter from Transylvania

     Letter from Transylvania
    In early 1875 Jonathan Harker received a letter from Transylvania from a wealthy man named Count Dracula, who wanted to buy an old house with a large garden in London.
  • 3 Letters

    3 Letters
    The Count put Harker to write some letters, the last one was from June 29 where he said in the Count's words that Harker "had left the shipyard and was heading home"
  • A visit to Hythe

    A visit to Hythe
    In mid-July, Mina was invited to stay with her friend Lucy and her husband Arthur as their Jonathan returned, in a city of Hythe by the sea. While Arthur was staying with his teacher friend, Mina went to Lucy's house and they went for a walk every day.
  • Jonathan in the hospital

    Jonathan in the hospital
    Mina receives a letter from a Budapest hospital "Oh Lucy, Jonathan is safe!"
    So she decides to go to Budapest because Jonathan needs her.
  • Jonathan and Mina get married

    Jonathan and Mina get married
    Jonathan and Mina were married in Budapest on September 1, but they arrived in England until September 18.
  • Helsing hypnotizes mina

     Helsing hypnotizes mina
    In the second week of October, four men began their journey to Europe, Professor Helsig hypnotizing Mina
  • Veresti

    On October 23 Mina and Helsing went by train to Veresti where the professor bought a small carriage and 4 fast horses.
  • Dracula's ending

    Dracula's ending
    Dracula returns to his castle in Transylvania until they manage to chase him and kill him by piercing his heart with a knife.