Dolley Madison

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  • Dolley Madison was born

    Dolley Madison was born into a Quaker family in New Garden, North Carolina.
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    Dolley Madison's Life

  • Dolley's got married to John Todd

    Dolley Madison married a Quaker lawyer, John Todd, at her father's requst. This was her first marriage.
  • John Payne Todd was born

    Dolley Madison's first child with John Todd was born.
  • John Todd and William Temple Todd died

    Dolley's first husbnd, John Todd, and her second child, William Temple Todd, died of yellow fever.
  • William Temple Todd was born

    Dolley's second child with John Todd was born.
  • Dolley and James Madison got married

    Dolley and James Madison got married after James Madison courted Dolley.
  • Dolley helped Thomas Jefferson host at the White House

    Thomas Jefferson, being widowed, asked Dolley Madison to help him host dinners and receptions at the White House. This allowed Dolley Madison to meet diplomatic figures and have experience with being a hostess.
  • Dolley fundraised for the Lewis and Clark expedition

    Before Lewis and Clark went on their expedition, Dolley Madison and some other ladies from Washington City helped fundraise all that they could for whoever was going on the expedition.
  • Dolley Madison campaigned for her husband

    Dolley Madison campaigned for James Madison behind the scenes in his presidencial election, and played a big role in his win.
  • Dolley Madison sponsered an orphanage for girls

    Throughout James Madison's entire presdiential terms, Dolley Madison sponsered a girl's orphanage in Washington, DC.
  • Dolley Madison hosted James Madison's Inaugural Ball

    Dolley Madison became the first First Lady to host the Inaugural Ball in Washington. She held it at Long's Hotel.
  • Dolley Madison hosted her husband's second inaugural ball

    Dolley Madison hosted James Madison's second inaugural ball, and servd her famous ice cream there.
  • Dolley Madison saved George Washington's portrait

    There was a warning saying that the British were coming after the White House to burn it. Instead of collecting her valuable pocessions, while evacuating, Dolley saved George Washington's portrait, instead.
  • James Madison died

    James Madison died and was buried at Montetier.
  • Dolley Madison was given a lifetime seat on the House Floor

    Dolley Madison was awarded a rare privilege of being given a lifetime seat on the House Floor.
  • Dolley Madison died

    Dolley Madison died and was laid at the Congressional Cemetary, even tough she had wanted to be buried next toJames Madison at the Madison Family Cemetary.
  • Dolley Madison was buried at Montrelier

    After many years of debate, there was finally a decision that Dolley Madison was to be buried at Montrelier.