Dick Durbin

By zachb92
  • Dick is born

    Dick is born
    Dick is born November 21, 1944 to parents William Durbin of the U.S. and Lithuanian born mother, Ann Kutkin Durbin.
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    Dicks Life

  • Dick graduates

    Dick graduates
    Dick graduates from Assumption High School in 1962 and works at a meat-packing plant through high school.
  • Dicks College Life

    Dicks College Life
    Dick gets his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1966 at Georgtown University.
  • More College

    More College
    Dick receives his J.D. or Juris Doctorate at Georgetown during college when he visited home he worked on the railroad like his parents.
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    Legal Counsel

    Dick works from 69' to 72' as legal counsel to Lieutenant Governor Paul Simon.
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    More Legal Counsel

    After working for Paul Simon he serves as legal counsel for Illinois State Senate Judiciary Committee for 10 years.
  • Unsuccessful

    Dick runs for Lieutenant Governor in 1978 and turns up unsuccessful.
  • Success!

    Dick wins the election for the 20th Congressional District which covers Springfield, Illinois.
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    House of Representatives

    Dick is a member of the House of Representatives from 83' to 97' after winning the election in 1982.
  • Abortion opinions

    Abortion opinions
    Dick always voted to uphold abortion restrictions and limitations but in 1989 reversed his opinion. Now he votes to keep access to abortion and believes that the choice of abortion is ultimately up to the mother.
  • Senate

    Dick wins the election in 96' against opponent Pat Quinn and replaced Paul Findley's seat in the Senate.
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    Senate Years

    He won the election in 96' and still holds a seat in senate now, his term ends in 2015.
  • Iraq

    Dick is one of the first four senators on the Select Committee on Intelligence responding to the Bush Administration's request to authorize a preemptive war without a National Intelligence Estimate. Durbin was also one of the 23 Senators that votes against George W. Bush's plan for the invasion of Iraq.
  • Democratic Whip

    Democratic Whip
    Dick holds the position of Senator Democratic Whip from 05' through present.
  • Top 10

    Top 10
    Dick Durbin is named One of America's Top 10 Best Senators by Time Magazine in 06'.
  • Majority Whip

    Majority Whip
    Dick holds the position of U.S. Senator Majority Whip from 07' through present, this is the second-highest rank in the Senate.
  • Afican Health Investment Act

    Afican Health Investment Act
    In 07' Dick introduced the African Health Investment Act to the Senate. The purpose of the bill was to send $600 million over a period of three years to provide safer medical facilities and help recruit doctors in Africa.
  • Daughter Dies

    Daughter Dies
    Dick's daughter Christine dies of a congenital heart condition after spending several weeks in a hospital.
  • Financial Crisis

    Dick spoke on a radio show about the 2007-2010 financial crisis and put the banks at fault for the crisis. He is now sponsoring the Senate 500 Bill which would put cap of 36% maximum annual interest rates which is thought to put an end predatory lending activities.