Book delirium


  • The Wilds

    The Wilds
    Alex brings Lena to The Wilds.
  • "Love is a disease."

    "Love is a disease."
    The President and The Consortium identify love as a disease.
  • Borders Closed

    Borders Closed
    Government closes borders to the US forever.
  • The Blitz

    The Blitz
    Those who were outside the borders were killed.
  • The Cure

    The Cure
    Scientists perfect "the cure", a procedure that removes parts of the brain to make one incapable of feeling love.
  • Father Dies

    Father Dies
    Lena's father dies of cancer.
  • Mother Dies

    Mother Dies
    Lena's mother commits suicide.
  • Cousin Dies

    Cousin Dies
    Lena's cousin, Marcia, dies of a sudden heart attack.
  • Evaluation Day

    Evaluation Day
    Lena has her evaluation. But it was interrupted halfway through by a man releasing cattle into the building.
  • Alex

    Lena meets the man she saw on Evaluation Day, Alex.
  • Back Cove

    Back Cove
    Lena goes out late at night to Back Cove to meet Aex.
  • Graduation

    Lena and her class graduate from St. Anne's Accademy for Girls.
  • Roaring Brook Farms

    Roaring Brook Farms
    Lena goes to her friend Hana's house. Hana tells Lena about a party at the abondoned Roaring Brook Farms. Lena goes and meets Alex again.
  • East End Beach

    East End Beach
    Lena and Alex meet at East End Beach. He tells her that he's from The Wilds.
  • Second Party

    Second Party
    Lena goes to a second party, this time to warn Hana about a raid. As she gets there, so does the raid. Alex shows up and helps Lena escape.
  • Caught

    Lena and Alex were to meet up at an abondoned house. However, they're ambushed. Alex escapes. But Lena is captured and imprisoned in her own home.
  • Escape

    Alex busts out Lena and the two make a run for the border. Only Lena escapes.