Timeline of John Hay and Flying shuttle

Timeline created by Daniel Otto
In History
  • John Kay Comes into the world

    John Kay Comes into the world
  • invents metal substitue for reed

    invents and sells his metal for natural reed across England
  • John Kay get's maried

    John Kay get's maried
    John Kay marries a Bury women Anne Holte. His brother, William, also married Bury women.
  • First child

    John has his first child, Miss Lettice
  • It's a boy

    It's a boy
    John Kay second child, Mr Robert was born. His son would later make the "Drop Box" a very important part of the loom.
  • John Kay patents his Flying Shuttle

    John Kay patents his Flying Shuttle
    The Flying Shuttle meant that a weaver could now weave much wider fabrics, and it also was mechanised for automatic machine looms.
  • The Flying Shuttle gets sold to Paris

    Kay negotiated with Paris trying to get them to buy his flying shuttle, after a lot of discussionss they agreed to 3,000 lives and a pension of 2,500 livre annually starting in 1749
  • The Flying Shuttle in France.

    In France, they did adopt the flying shuttle's new way of weaving, though most of the machines were copies of Kays.
  • Mob attack

    n 1753 Kay's house in Bury was ransacked by a mob of textile workers who feared that his machines would destroy their livelihood
  • "Drop Box" was invented

    Kay's Son, Robert invented the "DropBox" which allowed looms to use multiple shuttles. it also allowed multicolour weaves.
  • Partnership begins

    John Kay and Colchester started a partnership in manufacturing for the flying shuttle
  • john kay patents a new machine with Joseph Stell

    Kay and Joseph Stell invent a new machine for cloth ribbon weaving. They got this machine patened, but they had to cancel their plans with this new machine due to kay's legal cost.
  • John Kay dies