Dathan ritzenhein

Dathan Ritzenhein

  • Born

    Dathan was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Period: to


    The Life of Dathan Ritzenhein
  • Dathan Eats Lunch

    Dathan Eats Lunch
    He is hungry. So he eats.
  • Footlocker XC Nationals

    Footlocker XC Nationals
    Dathan takes first at the Footlocker XC Nationals.
  • US XC Championship

    US XC Championship
    Takes Second
  • IAAF World Championships

    IAAF World Championships
    Takes Third.
  • Footerlocker XC Nationals

    Footerlocker XC Nationals
    Dathan wins the Footlocker XC National meet.
  • Big 12 XC Meet

    Takes Second
  • 2-Mile National Scholastics

    2-Mile National Scholastics
    Wins First
  • USA Outdoors 5K

    USA Outdoors 5K
    Takes 11th place.
  • NCAA XC Meet

    NCAA XC Meet
    Takes 4th Place.
  • Starts Attending University of Boulder

    Starts Attending University of Boulder
    Goes To School
  • U.S. XC Meet

    U.S. XC Meet
    Takes fifth
  • National Race of Awsomeness

    National Race of Awsomeness
    Takes First.
  • Meet of Champions

    Meet of Champions
    Takes third.
  • IAAF Elite 10

    IAAF Elite 10
    Takes first.
  • IAAF State Cross Country Meet

    IAAF State Cross Country Meet
    Takes first. Sets Record.
  • Hurts Foot

    Hurts Foot
    His Hurt is hurt.
  • Gets 'Walking Pneumonia'

    Fofeits spot on national track team.
  • ING City Marathon

    ING City Marathon
    Takes 11th
  • U.S. Half Marathon Championships

    U.S. Half Marathon Championships
    Takes second.