Dancer History timeline

  • Sep 24, 1400

    Medieval Dance

    Around the 1400's the dances of the middle ages consist of dancers who danced to singing and inrtumental music. The music included viola da gamba, flute, lute, and other instruments made of string.
  • Sep 24, 1581

    Balthasar de Beaujoyeulx

    Beaujoyeulx was an Italian dance and musician master who performed entertainment such as Ballet Comique de la Royne.
  • Oct 15, 1581

    Cahterine de Medici

    During the wedding of Catherine de Medici, the dancers performed in allgoric formations that were veiwed from above. She loved the style of theItalins so her life was all about Italy. She aslo popularized perfume and the high heel.
  • Orchesographie

    The Renaissance consisted of coupled dancing that was vibrant and full of leaps and kicking steps. Dance like these can be found in a dance manual called the Orchesographie written by Thoinot Arbeau.
  • Period: to

    Louis XIV

    King Louis XIV celebrated his life every second of the day as if it was a performance. He had his first perfomance called Ballet de la Felicite the year he was born. As he got older he begain to realize that his performing career was coming to an end. In result he creat the a theater for professional ballet dancers that is still standing today called, Paris Opera Ballet.
  • Jeane Baptist Lully

    Lully was an artist who composed many musical scores. Although he moved to FRance, he was known in Italy for Commedia dell'arte. This was a form of drama that was poularized and continued to remain popular in the middle of the 16th century and on.
  • Pierre Beauchamps

    Dancing master of Louis XIV who was payed the highest of the kingfs servents.
  • Robert Le Diable

    Created a peice called Giacomo Meyerbeer's in 1831 that was shown at the Paris Opera.
  • Filippo Taglioni

    Father of Marie Taglioni and choreogrpahed La sylphide in 1832.
  • Marie Taglioni

    Taglioni was an idol to women during her time. Her career grew when she danced the role of Sylphide.
  • Fanny Essler

    the rivary of Marie Taglioni.
  • Cult of the Ballerina

    A time were people got so involved in watching the preformance of ballet that they became clinically obsessed.
  • August Bournville

    Choreographed the La Sylphide that we see today.
  • Giselle

    A dramatic story line of a peasent girl with a heart medication that falls in love with a noble. Choreographed by Jules Perot.
  • Period: to

    Loie Fuller

    Loie Fuller created lighting design for dance. She danced the Serpentine dance with her long silk costume.
  • Copelia

    Last ballet performed of the Romantic era, choreographed by St. Leon.
  • Period: to

    Maude Allen

    Life span of Maude Allen
  • Period: to

    Isadora Duncan

    Lifespan of isadora Duncan the mother of modern dance.
  • Period: to

    Ruth St. Dennis

    Married to Ted Shawn and they both created the Denisshawn Company.
  • Period: to

    Ted Shawn

    Ted Shawn's life span
  • Serentine Dance

    Danced by Loie Fuller
  • Period: to

    Martha Graham

    Danced with the Denis Shawn company and branched off to her own style. She came up with the idea of Contraction and release.
  • Ana Pavlova

    Danced the Dying Swan for Ballet Russe that was choreogrpahed by Michel Fokine
  • Period: to

    Helen Tamaris

  • Period: to

    Ballet Russe

    This company founded by Diaghelev flourished during this time
  • Period: to

    Doris Humphrey/ Jose Limon

    These two paired up and created the idea of fall and recovery
  • Death of Diaghelev

  • Heretic

    Martha Graham
  • Fancy Free

  • Ohlahoma

  • Appalachinan

  • Night journal

  • West Side Story

    Jerome Robbins
  • Period: to

    Daniel Nagrin and Helen Tamaris

    The two of them created Tamaris Nagrin Company
  • Jewels

  • Esplande

  • Acts of Light

  • Tensile Involvement

  • Ballet Comique de la Reine

    Ballet Comique de la Reine was staged by Beaujoyeulx. This performance was a very important that creatively attempted and extended spectacle choregraphically.
  • Michel Fokine

    Choreographed for the Ballet Russe. Firebird, cleopatre, Les sylphide and more
  • George Balanchine

    Choreographer of Ballet Russe who also came to America to start a company. He chroeographed Apollo and the Prodigal son for Ballet Russe