dale earnhardt sr

  • Were dale Earnhardt was born

    Were dale Earnhardt was born
    click here for more infoDale Earnhardt was born on April 29,1951, in Kannapollis, North Carolina.
  • first race

    Earnhardt's first race was at the 1975 World 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, where he finished in twenty-second place.
  • in what year did Dale win the most races

    1987 he won 11 races
  • the date he got his nickname

    the date he got his nickname
  • when did dale sr enter the hall of fame

  • what was the number of Dale jrs first race car

  • what was Dale sr first car

    It was a 56 ford
  • early life

  • what are dales kids names

    Dale Jr Kerry Kelly and Taylor
  • breaking records

  • when did Dale die

  • how many wins did Dale have in his career

  • what was Dales fathers name

  • success at the track

    In his 27 years on the track, Earnhardt ran in 677 races and had 428 top 10 finishes
  • sprint cup series

    Earnhardt finished in first place in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series seven times, with his first title coming in 1980 and his last in 1994.