Course of World War II

  • Isolationism

    US begins it's policy of isolationism.
  • Poland Invaded

    Germany and the Soviet Union invaded Poland!
  • Attack Resumed

    Hitler continues his attack against Denmark and Norway with blitzkrieg.
  • Armistice

    The French signed an armistice- German armies now occupied appromimately 3/5s of France!
  • Luftwaffe

    The Luftwaffe begins its major offensive against the Bristish - bombing air and naval bases, harbors, communications, and war industries.
  • (Scheduled Invasion of Soviet Union)

    The spring of 1941 is when Hitlers attack against the Soviet Union was scheduled for.
  • Attack Against the Soviet Union

    The actual date that Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. He was late because of some problems in the Balkmans, and he wrongly guessed that he could defeat the Soviets before winter.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Japanese aircraft attack Peal Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands. On that same day the Japanese also attack islands in the Phillippines and Malaysia.
  • Isolationism Over

    The United States ends it's policy of isolationism and declares war!
  • Battle of the Coral Sea

    American naval forces stoppped the Japanese advance and saved Austrailia from invasion.
  • The Last Optimist Boast

    The war looked like it could still go the German way and after Germany captured Crimea Hitler boasted about his plan and how he would cause the collaspe aof the British Empire. This was his last optimistic prediction.
  • Turning Point in the War

    US established naval superiority in the Pacific and defeated 4 naval aircraft carriers from the air.
  • The Battle of Stalingrad

    (November 1942 to February 2nd 1943) One of the most terrible battles of the war. German troops were incidently stop, circled around - supply lines cut off, and left unprepared for anything in the freezing Soviet territory. (forced to surrender) The entire army was lost.
  • Allied Powers Goal!

    The Allied Powers agreed to work and fight together until Japan, Italy, and Germany surrendered unconditionally.
  • Surrender in Tunisa

    The Axis powers in Tunisa surrendered to the Allied Powers
  • Battle of Kursk

    Germany forces were quickly defeated by the Soviets in the greatest tank battle of World War II.
  • Rome Fell

    Rome fell to the Allied Powers.
  • D-Day

    Allied forces under command of Dwight Eisenhower landed on Normandy beaches and completed the greatest naval invasion.
  • Hitler Dies

    Hitler commits suicide!!
  • Germany Surrenders!

    Germany surrenders to the Allied powers! The war in Europe is over!
  • Atomic Bombs

    Truman decided to drop the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city, Hiroshima. The second bomb was dropped three days later of Nagasaki.
  • Japan Surrenders

    The Japanese surrendered to the Allied Powers!