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Corey Taylor

  • Early years

    Early years
    Corey Taylor was mostly raised by his mother in Waterloo, Iowa, a place described by Taylor as a "hole in the ground with buildings around it."
  • Birth

    Corey taylor was born on december 8th 1973
  • Teenage Years

    Teenage Years
    By age fifteen, Taylor had developed a drug addiction and had overdosed on cocaine twice.
  • Struggles with suaide

    In his early twenties, when Taylor was living with his grandmother, he attempted suicide by way of overdose. Taylor's grandmother drove him to the Hostpital in Des Moines and doctors were able to resuscitate him before he died. Taylor describes this as the lowest point in his life.
  • slipknot

    the band slipknot was formed
  • The baby

    The baby
    On September 17, 2002, Taylor's then-fiancée, Scarlett Stone, gave birth to their son Griffin Parker.
  • Suacide atempts

    Suacide atempts
    Taylor has also had alcohol abuse problems, which his wife, Scarlett, helped him through as well as keeping him from committing suicide.In 2006, Taylor told MTV that he had attempted to jump off a balcony of the eighth floor of the Hyatt on Sunset Boulevard in 2003, but "somehow [Scarlett] stopped me".
  • Paul grays death

    Paul grays death
    slipknots bass player Paul gray died on may 24th 2010, this made a large impact on corey taylors life
  • The Gray chapter

    The Gray chapter
    slipknot released a new album called the grary chapter to remember paul gray