Classical Era

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In Music
  • Period: to

    Pietro Metastasio

    Court Poet of Vienna, and most important author of Librettos
  • Period: to

    Giovanni Battista Sammartini

    Italian Composer and innovator of the symphony in Milan.
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain

    England and Scotland combine to become the United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Period: to

    Franz Xaver Richter

    Highly praised composer by Charles Burney. Is is Bohemian violinist and composer.
  • Period: to

    Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

    Son of J.S. Bach. Also known as "Halle Bach"
  • Period: to

    Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach

    Oldest Son of J.S. Bach. Associated with "Empfindsamkeit." This translates into the "sentimental" style.
  • Period: to

    Christoph Willibald Gluck

    Austrian Composer. He wrote in the Baroque and galant styles.
  • Period: to

    Johann Stamitz

    Symphonic innovator in Mannheim. Also a conductor, violinist, and teacher
  • Period: to

    Leopold Mozart

    Father of Wolfgang Mozart.
  • Vivaldi Completes "The Four Seasons"

  • Period: to

    Dr. Charles Burney

    Music Historian and author that traveled through Europe and reported his findings.
  • Period: to

    Franz Joseph Haydn

    Austrian Composer. He acted as an innovator and mover within the new classic style.
  • Start of the Great Awakening

    The revivalist movement in America is led by Jonathan Edwards.
  • Period: to

    Johann Christian Bach

    Son of J.S. Bach and friend of Mozart. Set up concert series in London with Abel.
  • Period: to

    Luigi Boccherini

    Prolific Italian Composer and Cellist
  • France Declares War against Britain

  • Period: to

    William Billings

    Most prominent Composer in young America.
  • Period: to

    Domenico Cimarosa

    Italian Composer and central figure in opera. Was extremely successful in his day.
  • Period: to

    Lorenzo Da Ponte

    Italian Librettist and Poet. Collaborated with Mozart and later moved to the US. Professor at Columbia College in New York.
  • Period: to

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    German poet and writer. He was a literary force behind the Romanticism movement.
  • Period: to

    Antonio Salieri

    Italian Composer and teacher. He transitioned in his time between Galant and classic, and then from classic to romantic styles.
  • Benjamin Franklin Discovered Electricity

  • Period: to

    Muzio Clementi

    English Composer of Italian birth. Music publisher and piano manufacturer.
  • Beginning of the 7 Years War

  • Period: to

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Austrain Composer. Extremely prominent, even today, as even the general public would recognize his name. He is the epitome of the classic style.
  • First Shots of the American Revolution

    First shots are fired at Lexington, on their way to Concord.
  • US Congress Completes the Articles of Confederation

  • British Government Recognizes US Independence

    Treaty of Paris is negotiated by Adams, Franklin, and Jay.