Chuy García's career

  • Department of Water

    Mayor Harold Washington appoints him as deputy commissioner of the Department of Water.
  • City Council

    He's elected to the Chicago City Council as the 22nd District Alderman, where he works closely with Mayor Washington.
  • State Senate

    He becomes the first-ever Mexican-American elected to the Illinois Senate.
  • Master's Degree

    García earns a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from UIC, where he also earned his bachelor's degree.
  • Cook County Commissioner

    He returns to elected office and wins the position as Cook County Commissioner of the 7th District.
  • Election Goes to Runoff

    Garcia receives 33.6% of the vote, the most among the five candidates. He and Mayor Rahm Emanuel enter a runoff election, the first in Chicago's history.
  • Jesse Jackson Endorsement

    Rev. Jesse Jackson and 16 other African American faith leaders back Garcia for mayor.