Chronology 4TopSingers

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  • Pau Birth

    In 1997 Pau was born in NYC
  • Joan Birth

    In 1999 Joan was born in New Mexico.
  • Biel Birth

    In 2001 Biel was born in UK.
  • Clara Birth

    In 2003 Clara was born in New Mexico.
  • Joan met Clara

    In 2006 Joan and Clara start a relation like friends.
  • Pau start singing and playing guitar

    In 2013 Pau was 16-year-old, and he start playing the guitar and singing in the subway.
  • Biel start singing in the subway

    In 2015, Biel was 14-year-old, start singing in the subway, because his parents give up he in the subway and he had to sleep in the subway.
  • Biel met Pau

    In 2016, Pau was comoing back to his house and he found Biel in a subway station, and start singing with Biel and adopted he.
  • Joan and Clara met Pau and Biel

    In 2017, while Joan and Clara were going to the collage, they met Biel and Pau in the subway, and all they start going to concerts and parties together.
  • All together start singing together

    In 2018 all they started singing together in Wall Street.
  • Clara's father helped the group.

    In 2019 Clara's father spoke with Clara about the group and decided to call one friend that have a record company.
  • 1st Song

    In 2019 they decided to put a name for the group, 4TopSingers, and more late they decided to create theyr new song "A four best friends".