Christopher Seekford (Criss Angel)

  • Birth Date

    Birth Date
    Criss Angel was born on Dec. 19 in New York.
  • Beomes Interested in Magic

    Beomes Interested in Magic
    When he was seven his aunt Stella showed him a card trick.
  • First Magic Show

    First Magic Show
    He does a magic show for a neighbor's birthday.
  • T.V. Debut

    T.V. Debut
    He made a prime time television event.
  • Big Shows

    Big Shows
    He started performing big shows around the U.S.
  • Dad Dies

    Dad Dies
    His dad dies of cancer.
  • 12 Day Show

    12 Day Show
    He did a show every day for 12 days in Madison Square Garden.
  • Times Square Theatre

    Times Square Theatre
    Criss had a show in the World Underground Theater in Times Sqaure.
  • Underground Show

    Underground Show
    The show closed down.
  • New Show

    New Show
    Criss gets a show on A&E called Mindfreak and has a show called Beieve at the Luxor.