Chinese Immigration into New Zealand

Timeline created by eloise.fraser
  • Gaming Act outlawed puckapoo and fan-tan two Chinese games of chance.

  • The Poll Tax was increased to a hundred pounds.

  • The Old Age Pensions Act excluded naturalised Chinese

  • Immigration Restriction Act with along with excluding criminals, the insane ad people with infectious diseases also excluded Chinese

  • English Reading test for 'Aliens' which included Chinese

  • Chinese prevented from becoming neturalised citizens

  • Amendment to the Shop and Officers Act stated that all people working in fruit shops apart from and the owner and his/her spouse had to to be paid the basic wage. This stopped Chinese fruiterers from using their children as unpaid workers.

  • War refugees, including Chinese, allowed to come on a tempoary basis. Tax on Chinese abolished

  • No moee tempoary permits or students visas issued to Chinesde although Chinese men were permitted to bring their family to NZ

  • Immigration reveiw permitted Chinese with professional qualifications to come to New Zealand.