Chester A. Arthur Timeline

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  • Sibling 2

    Sibling 2
    Ann Eliza Arthur was another sister
  • His birth

    His birth
    Chester was born Dec 15th 1829 in Fairfeild VT
  • sibling 7

    sibling 7
    Malvina Arthur Haynesworth was another one of his sisters
  • Sibling 8

    Sibling 8
    William Arthur was his other brother
  • News worthy events

    News worthy events
    New York got a new president after Arthur and his name was Grover Cleveland
  • Sibling 4,5,6,

    Sibling 4,5,6,
    Jane Arthur and Almeda Arthur Masten and George Arthur were all his siblings and burred together
  • Siblings

    Mary Arthur McElroy was his sister
  • Education

    Chester attended Union Collage 1845-1848 ans state and national law school for high school
  • Jobs

    Chester was a school teacher and he studied law
  • Political Party

    Political Party
    Chester was part of the republican party.
  • Marriages

    Chester married one girl name Ellen
  • Child 1 Birth

    Child 1 Birth
    William Lewis Herndon Arthur was the 1st son born in New York
  • Child 3's birth

    Child 3's birth
    Chester Alan Arthur II was their 2nd son and he died at the age of two.(theres no picture of him)in New York
  • 2nd Child's birth

    2nd Child's birth
    Ellen Hansbrough Herndon Arthur was there 2nd child in New York
  • Chesters pets

    Chesters pets
    Chester owned a bunch of horses
  • Fun Facts #1

    Fun Facts #1
    Chester arthur was 6'0 tall
  • Fun Fact #2

    Fun Fact #2
    Chester Alan Arthur hid his lung diseases from everyone for 6 years
  • Event

    Arthur formally takes oath
  • In office

    In office
    Chester A. Arthur was elected president in New York on Nov. 18th 1886 resulting in Garfield death.
  • Sibling 3

    Sibling 3
    Regina Arthur Caw was his other sister
  • Event

    Edmund acts passed when Chester was in office
  • Event

    Chester doctor keeps his lung disease a secret
  • Event

    River and Harbor acts voted
  • Programs/Laws devolped

    Programs/Laws devolped
    Chester signed the Pendleton Act
  • Event

    Korean ambassador visits
  • Events

    Arthur requested funds for the Navy
  • Millitary

    He join the state military
  • Retirement

    Chester went back to new York
  • Date he left office

    Date he left office
    Arthur left office after his term was over
  • Death

    Chester died of a stroke but he also hid his lung disease for 6 years from the public he was buried at the Albany Rural NY cemetery