Charlotte Mason

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  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Charlotte Maria Shaw Mason was born January 1, 1842 in Wales
  • The Ambleside Geography Books

    The Ambleside Geography Books
    Between 1880 and 1892, she wrote a popular geography series called The Ambleside Geography Books
  • Parent's Education Union

    Parent's Education Union
    Mason co-founded the Parent's Education Union in 1887 alongside Emeline Petrie Steinthal. This organization provides resources and support for homeschoolers.
  • Henrietta Franklin

    Henrietta Franklin
    In 1890, she met Henrietta Franklin, who considered Mason to be a great inspiration
  • Moved to Ambleside, England

    Moved to Ambleside, England
    Mason moved to Ambleside, England and established the House of Education. This was a training school for governesses and others who worked with young children.
  • "Ourselves" was published

    "Ourselves" was published
    In this book, Mason's intent was to help children learn to examine themselves and form high moral standards and self-control.
  • "Formation of Character" was published

    "Formation of Character" was published
    Her purpose with this book was to demonstrate how her methods should assist children to naturally develop and strengthen good character traits.
  • "Aids to Scouting"

    "Aids to Scouting"
    She added "Aids to Scouting" by Robert Baden-Powell to the syllabus of the Parents' Union School
  • "Towards a Philosophy of Education" was published

    "Towards a Philosophy of Education" was published
    Mason's last book, "Towards a Philosophy of Education" was published. It was written to address the application of her methods and principles with high school students.
  • Death Date

    Death Date
    Charlotte Mason died January 16, 1923