By limbzz
  • Birth date

    Birth date
    Cathy Freeman was born on the 16th of Febuary 1973 (Slade Point, Queensland)
  • Commonwealth Games

    Commonwealth Games
    Gold Medalist at the age of 16
  • Breakthrough season

  • Commonwealth games

    Freeman won both 200m and 400m
  • 1996 Olympics

    Won silver medal
  • World Champion

    World champion for the 400m
  • Injury

    Cathy Freeman takes a break due to an injury
  • Australian of the year

    In 1998 she got awarded "Australian Of The Year"
  • Return and announcement

    She returned and won the 400m in the 1999 World Championships and also announced that she is retiring in 2003
  • Marriage

    Cathy Freeman then married Sandy Bodecker
  • Seperated

    Divorced with Sandy Bodecker
  • Again married

    She then married another man named James Murch
  • Birth

    Cathy gave birth