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cantantes de vallenato de los años 80

  • Alfredo Gutiérrez

    Alfredo Gutiérrez
    Alfredo de Jesús Gutiérrez Vital (Los Palmitos, Sucre, April 17, 1943), nicknamed "The Accordion Monster", is a Colombian musician, accordionist, composer, arranger and singer of tropical music.
  • poncho Zuleta

    poncho Zuleta
    Tomás Alfonso Zuleta Díaz (Villanueva, September 18, 1949), [1] better known as Poncho Zuleta, called "The Golden Lung" for his powerful voice and affectionately nicknamed "Garganta de lata" by García Márquez, [2] Is a Colombian composer and singer from Vallenato.
  • Jorge Oñate

    Jorge Oñate
    Jorge Antonio González Oñate (La Paz, March 31, 1949 - Medellín, February 28, 2021) known as Jorge Oñate and nicknamed "El Jilguero de América" ​​or "El nightingale of Cesar", He was a Colombian musician, singer, and composer of Vallenata music. From the beginning of his career, in 1968 to 2012, he had achieved 25 gold records, 7 platinum records and 6 double platinum records. He also ventured into politics as a councilor for his hometown, was a deputy for the Cesar department
  • Rafael Orozco

    Rafael Orozco
    Rafael José Orozco Maestre (Becerril, March 24, 1954 - Barranquilla, June 11, 1992) was a Colombian vallenato singer, co-founder and leading voice of the group El Binomio de Oro.
  • Diomedes Díaz

    Diomedes Díaz
    Diomedes Díaz Maestre, was a Colombian singer and songwriter of vallenato. Diomedes Díaz was the largest record seller in the history of vallenato, exceeding 20 million throughout his career, for which he was worthy of records of gold, platinum and diamond, unique in Colombia until 2008.
  • Miguel Antonio Morales

    Miguel Antonio Morales
    Miguel Antonio Morales Campo is a Colombian singer-songwriter of Vallenato music, father of Eva Sandrith, Kanner and Keyner and of the late singer Kaleth Morales, of the so-called Nueva Ola del Vallenato. He is the interpreter of several romantic themes of this genre, such as My Human Goddess, Acompáñame and Enchanted Mermaid
  • Jesus Manuel estrada

    Jesus Manuel estrada
    Manuel De Jesús Estrada Gómez known as Jesús Manuel Estrada (Planeta Rica, Córdoba, December 6, 1963 - Sabana de Torres, Santander, November 12, 2003), as he was popularly known, was a Colombian vallenato singer.