Cameron Dead Man Project

  • 101

    Thales 620BCE

    first person to investigate the atom
  • 102

    Democritus 440BCE

    "Cutting the Cheese" cut pieces till atom is left
    first atomic theory
    Came up with "atom" term
  • 103

    Aristotle 340BCE

    Didn't believe in atomic theory
    Believed in 4 elements, Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.
  • Isaac Newton

    "Matter is made up of atoms"
    Held together by forces
  • John Dalton

    1. All matter is made of atoms
    2. all atoms of an element are alike but different than other elements 3.compunds formed when different elements atoms combine
    3. chemical reactions cause atoms to rearrange not change
  • Henry Becquerel

    discovered radio activity
  • JJ Thompson

    discovered electron
    Cathode Ray Experiment
    developed Plum Pudding Model
  • Robert Milikan

    individual electrons
    oil drip experiment
  • Niels Bohr

    Bohr model
    Electrons paths followed
  • Ernest Rutherfield

    nuclear atoms
    atom is mostly negative space
    Gold Foil Experiment conducted
  • Gold Foil Experiment

    fired particles through foil sheet. Noticed particles veared off track. Nucleus caused this effect because of its mass.
  • Francis Aston

    invented mass spectograph
    used Bohr's Model
    discovered isotopes
  • Erwin Schrodinger

    used math equations to find the most likely locations to find an electron in an atom
  • James Chadwick

    discovered neutron
    Atomic Planetary Model