James clerk maxwell

Caitlin Moody per. 4 James Clerk Maxwell

  • James Clerk Maxwell is born

    James Clerk Maxwell is born
    James was born to John Clerk and Frances Cay. as an only child James and his family led a middle class life in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sadly, James' mother died when james was only eight.
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    James Clerk Maxwell's Life

    James' was born on June 13th and died November 5th. His work was an important discovery in the Electromagnetic Field.
  • James' education began

    James' education began
    Before this, James' mother; Frances Cay tought him until she died of abdominal cancer. James's education began unsucessfully from an hired tutor. In November of 1841, John Maxwell; James' father fired the tutor and sent his son to Edinburgh Academy.
  • James' first scientific paper

    James' first  scientific paper
    A paper on a mathematical analysis including the ellipse was published when james was only 15. Two more papers that james wrote were published as well.
  • Maxwell's discoveries

    Maxwell's discoveries
    Maxwell made significant improvements in the area of color vision and optics. He also researched color blindness. He was also one of the first scientists to display color photography. The picture on the left is the first color photograph. Maxwell was elected to the Royal Society, which is the association of scientists in 1871.
  • James enrolls in Cambidge university

    James enrolls in Cambidge university
    James graduating four years laterwith first in class honorsin matematics.he was also awarded a prize for his reasearch on the analysis on the rings around Saturn. Maxwell then joined the staff at Cambridge.
  • James gets married

    James gets married
    James Clerk Maxwell got married to Kathrine Mary Dewar.
  • James work part 2

    James work part 2
    Maxwell said that other electromagnetic waves do exist. The discovery of X-rays confirmed Maxwells discoveries.Because of Maxwell's electromagnetic theory the radio, telivsion, radar and satilite communicatiionlike cellphones were created.
  • James work part 1

    James work part 1
    James' research and writing about electricity and magnetism. the four mathematical equations were ranked as the most fundemental contributionto physics. Maxwell discovered the speed of electtromagnetic waves were the same as the speed of light.
  • James Clerk Maxwell died

    James Clerk Maxwell died
    Maxwell died of abdominal cancer, his wife, Kathrine who was an invaild the last years of her life. Maxwell nursed his wife ignoring his own sickness and pain.
  • How this effects us today

    How this effects us today
    This is very important to us today because without it we would not have television or cellphones or internet. Maxwell's discoverys started the path to eletromagnetic devices.