Brooke Smith

  • Birth of Jesus

    Birth of Jesus
    . Jesus’ birth of a virgin, as announced by the angels.
  • Wise man

    Wise man
    Jesus’ visit by the wise men, who follow a miraculous star to Bethlehem
  • Move to Egypt

    Move to Egypt
    Jesus’ move to Egypt, after an angel’s direction
  • Baptism

    Jesus’ baptism, when the Father speaks from heaven
  • MOves back to Nathzareth

    MOves back to Nathzareth
    Jesus’ move back to Nazareth, after an angel’s direction
  • Jesus' presentation

    Jesus' presentation
    Jesus’ presentation in the temple, when Anna and Simeon miraculously know that Jesus is the Messiah
  • Temptation

    Jesus’ resistance to Satan’s temptations and the angels’ aid to him in the wilderness
  • Nicodemus

    Jesus’ announcements to Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman that he is the Savior
  • Passover

    Jesus’ first Passover in Jerusalem, when he wows the scribes
  • Jesus' death

    Jesus' death
    Jesus’ death, when he completes his work to save us: “It is finished!”
  • Resurrection

    Jesus’ resurrection, when the Father puts his seal of approval on Jesus’ work
  • Ascension

    Jesus’ ascension, when the Father receives him back to his throne of glory