british literature

  • My Last Duchess

    My Last Duchess
    The poem is written in 28 rhymed couplets of iambic pentameter. The poem is set during the late Italian Renaissance. The speaker is giving the emissary of his prospective new wife a tour of the artworks in his home. He draws a curtain to reveal a painting of a woman, explaining that it is a portrait of his late wife; he invites his guest to sit and look at the paportrait of the late Duchess, the Duke describes her happy, cheerful and flirtatious nature, which had displeased him
  • beowulf

    This story is in the midevil time Beowulf, king hrothgar, grendel, grendels mother, the dragon, shield sheafson, beow, and many more Burton raffel is the author some of his works are how to read a poem, pure pagan seven centuries of greek poems and fragments,the signet classic book of american short stories, poems and prose from the old english, and many more was in the late 5th century,
  • the seafarer

  • The canterbury tails

    The canterbury tails
    The narrator, the knight, the wife of bath, the pardoner,the miller, the prioress, the monk, the friar, and many more. the author is Geoffrey Chaucer. the book of the duchess, the house of fame, the consolation of philosophy, the parliament, and many more
    canterbury tales was written in 1380's