Bobby Fischer

Timeline created by ihes55
  • Born

    March 9, 1943
  • Learned chess

    Learned chess
    Bobby Fischer learned chess when he was six
  • U.S Chess Tournament

    U.S Chess Tournament
    Bobby Fischer won the U.S chess Tournament when he was 14 & got in the world records book.
  • Youngest Grand master

    Bobby Fischer becomes the youngest international Chess Grand master ant age 15 when winning a tournament in Slovenia
  • Author

    Bobby Fischer wrote 2 books one was called "Bobby Fischer teaches chess" he finished writing this book during 1966
  • Author II

    Author II
    The other book he wrote was called "My 60 memorial games" he finished writing it during the year 1969
  • Beating Boris Spassky

    Beating Boris Spassky
    Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky and chess becomes a more popular game in the United States.
  • Married

    A woman named Miyoto Watai says she married Fischer
  • Citizenship

    Bobby Fischer gets Iceland citizenship
  • Died

    Bobby Fischer dies of a kidney failure on January 17,2008
  • Period: to

    Imprisoned in Japan

    Bobby Fischer got imprisoned in Japan because the Slovenia people thought there was something suspicious about him