birth control

By holz4
  • Seneca Falls

    Seneca Falls was a convention for women, where the Declaration of Sentiments was refined and voted on. This Declaration laid out a set of resolutions that women sought after.
  • The New York property act is passed

    This changed the laws concerning a woman's property. Through the history before this, woman's property was legally owned by either her father or her husband.
  • margaret sanger begins mission

    Margaret Sanger's mother dies exhausted at age 50 after giving birth to 11 children. Sanger becomes a nurse and helps those suffering from ill-performed abortions. She dreams of birth control pill.
  • sanger gets partner, investor

    Wealthy Katherine McCormick (right), fearful of passing on her husband's schizophrenia to her children, partners with Sanger to begin birth control pill research.
  • First Birth control clinic

    Margaret Sanger opens the first Birth Control Center in Brooklyn New York.She is arrested for this.
  • US birth rate down 50%

    US birth rate drops in half. War, and a combination of contraceptive devices plus education, is responsible.
  • the pill fda approved

    The first pill, Envoid, is approved by the FDA
  • elisenstadt v baird

    This court case grants the constitutional right of birth control to unmarried couples.
  • the morning after pill

    Emergency contraceptive pills are available; women can take them up to 72 hours after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.
  • choices increase

    By the early 2000's, there are many more forms of hormonal contraception available to women: injections, insertable rings, external patches and implants that last for 5 years.